Lung Capacity VIDEO


We wanted to write an upbeat, energetic song with a raw and jagged edge to it. Creating an energy that could push through that feeling of a heavy heart and give it a kick instead. Something that would be fun to play live and something that people would have fun listening and singing along to. It didn't make sense for the song to have multiple verses but to just keep moving along instead, short and sweet. The outcome of the process was Lung Capacity.

The video is a homage to the greatest music video of all time, 'The King of Rock n' Roll' by Prefab Sprout. It's the best mix of melanacholy and humour. It's my all time favourite

The premise of the song focuses around overcoming the fear of trying something new. Essentially taking a leap of faith and in this situation, falling short. Of course, it wouldn't be hot mass if there wasn't a dose of apathy but there's also something defiant in there too.

In the specific case of the lyrics, there's a heavy heartedness to it and is pretty much an unrequited love song, going through the whole process of spiralling and dusting yourself off. In these moments we tend to think of these shortcomings as failures and my mind goes into an apathetic state of thinking that nothing really matters...and to some extent, it doesn’t. But the point is, nothing's gained if nothing's tried. So really, be sad, feel, keep smiling and listen to Daniel Johnston.